Area Contest Results 2006

Area 11

The area 11 contest was conducted in the place and at the time as below.
Date:March 25th(Sat), 2006ハ 14:00〜17:00
Venue:Gyoda educational culture center メMiraiモ

The 1st prize:
Name: TM Kazumasa Umemoto

The 2nd place:
Name: TM Hidetoshi Yuguchi

Area 12

Area 12 International Speech Contest was held on March 25, 2006 at Holiday Inn Sendai, the City of Trees, Sendai City, Miyagi Pref., hosted jointly by Sendai TMC and Eight Princes TMC with the strong support and attendance by District 76 Lt. Governor Takimoto, Division A Governor Mori and Area 13 Governor Matsumoto.

The 1st prize winner was TM James Cole.
The 2nd prize winner was TM Yasuyo Hemmi.
The 3rd prize winner was TM Yuko Fukui.

Area 13

March 19, the Area 13 Speech Contest was finished.
at Radisson hotel Narita. The contest was co-hosted by three young clubs: Leadership TMC, AIG TMC and Radisson Narita TMC.

The 1st-place winner : TM Chizuko Fujiyama
The 2nd-place winner : TM Mitsuko Kajiya
The 3rd-place winner : TM Makoto Kagaya

Area 14

Area 14 contest was held on March 12, 2006
at Houshien on Waseda, hosted by Tozai TMC.

The 1st prize winner was TM Burnside.
The 2nd prize winner was TM Harris.