Installation ceremony


Thank you very much. It is my privilege and duty to conduct the installation ceremony for the officers of 200x to 200x+1 term.


Firstly, I would like to ask the outgoing officers to come to the podium.

       Sergeant at Arms   TM M

       Treasurer        TM No

       Secretary        TM Taka

       VP Public Relations TM Kawa

       VP Membership          TM Oh

       VP Education            TM M. Suzu

       President        TM Shim


Thank you very much for your excellent job as an individual officer and as a team of Executive Committee in the past year.



Now, I would like to call the incoming officers to stand to the next to the lectern.

       Sergeant at Arms   TM Kan

       Treasurer        TM Muk

       Secretary        TM Hayas

       VP Public Relations TM Iken

       VP Membership          TM Ohg

       VP Education            TM S. Suzu

       President        TM Nag


I am here to install the officers of Tsukuba Toastmasters club and to prepare them for the challenges that lie ahead. Their collective challenge is to make this club strong, dedicated to helping people from all walks of life to speak in an effective manner, listen with sensitivity and think creatively.


I will briefly describe each officer’s challenges and the responsibilities and I will ask each officer to hold the gavel as a symbol of leadership.


First, Sergeant at Arms TM Kan. The responsibilities of SAA are to make reservations and arrange room and equipment for each meeting, to greet all guests and members at each meeting, to maintain all club equipment and materials, and to chair the Social committee.



Next, Treasurer TM Mu. The responsibilities of Treasurer are to prepare an annual budget for the Club, to collect payable dues and fees from members, to send semiannual membership fees to World Headquarters, to keep complete and accurate records of all financial records of all financial transactions, and to presents a verbal and written financial report at club meetings. WILL YOU PERFORM THESE DUTIES TO THE BEST OF YOUR ABILITY?


The Secretary, TM Hayas. The responsibilities of Secretary are to record and read meeting minutes, to assist with the Semiannual Membership Report, to report new officers to World Headquarters, and to keep the Club Constitution and Bylaws. WILL YOU PERFORM THESE DUTIES TO THE BEST OF YOUR ABILITY?


VP Public Relations, TM Iken. The responsibilities of VP Public Relations are to plan a public relations program, to prepare publicity materials, to publish the club newsletter Toads, and to char the Public Relations Committee. WILL YOU PERFORM THESE DUTIES TO THE BEST OF YOUR ABILITY?


VP Membership, TM Ohg. The responsibilities of VP Membership are to build club membership, to increase member satisfaction, to prepare the Semiannual Membership Report, and to char the Membership Committee. WILL YOU PERFORM THESE DUTIES TO THE BEST OF YOUR ABILITY?


VP Education, TM S. Suzu. The responsibilities of VP Education are to plan dynamic club meetings, to promote the Toastmasters educational program to club members, to make sure all members understand the importance of excellent evaluations and know how to evaluate, to encourage members to participate in other Toastmasters activities and programs, to administer speech contests, to chair the Education Committee, and to preside in the absence of the President. WILL YOU PERFORM THESE DUTIES TO THE BEST OF YOUR ABILITY?


TM Nag, having been elected the President of Tsukuba Toastmasters club, you are its chief executive officer and will be expected to preside at all club meetings and at all Executive committee.

It is your challenge to see that this club enables its members to achieve their educational goals. It also is your challenge to see that your club helps the Area, Division, District and Toastmasters International to meet their goals. Please accept the gavel as a symbol of your leadership and dedication to office.

The gavel is a symbol of the power and authority given to you by the membership of this club. Use it wisely and with restraint. You are a member of your team as well as a leader. A team is more than a collection of people. It is an emotional force rooted in the feelings, thoughts and actions of all members with the common goals of achievement, sharing and mutual support. Work with your team members to create a healthy, dynamic Club -a club of which everyone will be proud. WILL YOU, AS PRESIDENT, ACCEPT THIS CHALLENGE AND PERFORM YOUR DUTIES TO THE BEST OF YOUR ABILITIES?


It is my pleasure to declare these Toastmasters installed into the offices to which they have been elected.


Will everyone please stand? The growth and development of the Toastmasters program in Tsukuba TMC depends largely upon the actions of this group. On your honor, as men and women of Toastmasters, do you pledge to individually and collectively stand by this Club, live with it, and work with it throughout the coming year?


Thank you very much.