Tsukuba Toastmasters Club (5814-76)
Minutes of #440 Meeting
Date: 19 April 2008 14:00 ~ 16:30   Venue: Onogawa Public Hall

      (After the meeting, the motion that Tsukuba TM Club should host
        All Japan Speech Contest was discussed till 18:30.)

Attendance: TM Hayashi, TM Kaneko, TM Watanabe, TM O. Kondo, TM Matsushima,
, TM Negi, TM Ohno, TM Hashida,  TM Takahashi, TM S. Park, TM Sakaki, TM R.
Aoyagi, TM T. AoyagiATM Kadono-Okuda, TM Zukhra, TMAShimada, TM Murata

Guests: Ms. Adachi, Mr.Miyagi, Ms.Sakamoto

Presiding Officer: TM Hashida
Thought for the Day: TM Murata
Toastmaster of the day: TMR. Aoyagi
Timer: TM Ohno
Ums & Ahs Counter: TM T. Aoyagi
Grammarian: TM Hashida
Vote Counter: TM Kaneko
General Evaluator: TM Negi

Business Session: TM Hashida
TM Negi explained the plan of the All Japan Speech Contest based on the
meeting held in Hiroshima with the explanation of benefits to our club. He
put a stress on the points of the traffic convenience and price benefit,
adding the explanation of the inconvenience of TM Takimoto that she should
find other club in case of the rejection of our club. Many opinions were
stated from the floor. As the attendance fell below the quorum, it was
decided that President would explain more through e-mail later and would
decide by a majority vote.

Special Feature: gNo optionsh means gNo decisionh     TM Hayashi
      gCommunicationh: Rehearsal for the Div. B speech contest   TM Kondo

Table Topic Session: TM Sakaki   gWhich is better? h
1 TM Murata --- 1f10h
2 TM Kaneko ------ 1f42h
3 TM Watanabe --------- 2f17h
4 TM Kondo ------1f38h
5 TM T.Aoyagi -------1f39h

Prepared Speech Session
1 TM Kadono  Basic Manual #3  gPersistence to something h --- 6f34h
2 TM S. Park  Basic Manual #2   g Culture gap h--------5f58h
3 TM Zukhra Basic Manual #2
@@@ gBenefits of learning a foreign languageh -- 6f22h

Evaluation session
1 TM Matsushima for TMKadono -----2f55h
2 TM Takahashi for TM S. Park --------?3f12h
3 TM Shimada for TM Zukhra------------ 3f19h

Table Topic Session ---- TM Watanabe
Evaluation Session ------TM Shimada
Speech Session --------- TM S. Park
Thought for the day    TM Murata
  Recently I was annoyed with my umbrellas. I have 2 ones, but both of
them were broken. Yes. We had some windy days. They crashed my umbrellas.

 Strong winds are inconvenient for us. But on the other hands, they are
also helpful. Long years ago, all ships were moved by them. And now, we
can get electric power from them. Withstanding winds is painful, but
riding on them works well.

 I think it is same to English. We have some English tasks. It's tough
job to withstand English. But we can enjoy them.

 Let's enjoy the todayfs meeting, and ride on the very strong winds!