Tsukuba Toastmasters Club (5814-76)
Minutes of # 413 Meeting

Date: 16 Dec. 2006, 14:00 ~ 16:20   Venue: Onogawa Public Hall

Attendance: TM Tashiro, TM Pang, TM Tamura, TM Nagata, TM O.Kondo, TM
Watanabe, TM Kaneko, TM Negi, TM Sakaki, TM Hashida, TM T. Aoyagi, TM S.
Suzuki, TM Ohno, TM Denda, TM Nakamura, TM R. Aoyagi, TM Park, TM Matsushima

Guests: Ms. A. Matsushima, Mr. Shimizu, Ms. Ono, Ms. Zhang Yu

Presiding Officer: TM Kaneko
Thought for the Day: TMNakamura
Toastmaster of the day: TM Denda
Timer: TM Negi
Ums & Ahs Counter: TM Kaneko
Grammarian: TM O.Kondo
Vote Counter: TM Hashida, TM Ohno
General Evaluator: TM Watanabe

Business Session: TM Kaneko
Induction Ceremony for Mr. and Ms. Aoyagi was conducted after unanimous
approval of the attendance to the application submitted by Mr. and Ms.
Aoyagi. TM Takahashi was assigned as their mentor.
TM Negi announced that he had visited Sakitama TMC a week before and that
the date of International Area Contest was discussed and decided on 24 March
TM Kaneko introduced the contest held in Tokyo Univ.
TM Hashida announced that the Japanese contest in our club would be held.
TM Nagata asked the members to tell ePCf or eOHPf clearly when they
use them.
Some announcements abut Party were delivered by TM Nagata and Game master
TM Suzuki.

Short Speech Contest
1 TM Tashiro         2f51h
2 TM A. Matsushima   3f09h
3 TM Pang           3f03h
4 TM Tamura         3f03h
5 TM Nagata          2f19h
6 TM Shimizu         2f30h
7 TM Kondo          3f04h
8 TM Watanabe        3f09h
9 TM Kaneko          3f32f
10 TM Negi           2f50h

11 TM Sakaki         2f56h
12 TM Hashida        3f03h
13 TM T. Aoyagi       3f04h
14 TM S.Suzuki        3f04h
15 TM Ohno           3f33h
16 TM Denda          3f14h
17 TM Nakamura       2f38h
18 TM R.Aoyagi        3f18h
19 TM Park            2f51h
20 TM Matsushima      2f49h

1st Place    TM Kondo   (3,000 Yen)
2nd Place    TM Negi    (2,000 Yen)
3rd Place    TM S. Suzuki (1,000 Yen)

Thought for the day    TM Nakamura

The last Sunday night, the NHKfs Historical drama in 2006; gThe crossroad
to successh, Koumyou-ga- tsuji in Japanese ended.
 I had enjoyed watching that drama.
 When I decided to get marry, I read a book, gThe wife of Yamanouchi
Thatfs because I wanted to get some hints to be a wise wife.
 This year, I heard news that many high school students havenft studied
history at school. How poor young people lost their chance to learn many
things from history!
 We are living in a history. I@mean, the incidents of 2006 will surely
change into a history after a new year starts.
 So, by learning from the past, letfs make a nice history!
May 2007 also bring you happiness!

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