Tsukuba Toastmasters Club (5814-76)
Minutes of # 416 Meeting
Date: 17 Feb. 2007, 14:00 ~ 16:30   Venue: Onogawa Public Hall

Attendance: TM Tashiro, TM Nagata, TM O.Kondo, TM Watanabe, TM Kaneko, TM
Negi, TM Sakaki, TM T. Aoyagi, TM R. Aoyagi, TM S. Suzuki, TM M. Suzuki, TM
Ohno, TM Nakamura, TM Matsushima TM Kita, TM Yamaguchi, TM Takahashi, TM

Guests: Ms. Zukhra, Mr. Irwandi Jaswir

Presiding Officer: TM Kaneko
Thought for the Day: TM Kita
Toastmaster of the day: TM S. Suzuki
Timer: TM Nakamura
Ums & Ahs Counter: TM Takahashi
Grammarian: TM M. Suzuki
Vote Counter: TM T. Aoyagi
General Evaluator: TM Watanabe

Business Session: TM Kaneko
* TM Negi gave explanation about In-House speech contest held on 3 March.
* Two programs from Successful Series will be planned on March and May.
* President Kaneko advised members to read TMI magazine, showing the
example of the word ‘Synchronicity’ which she found in the magazine.

Special Feature: Mr. Irwandi Jaswir   ‘Personal introduction’

Table Topic Session: TM O. Kondo  “ Examination”
1 TM T. Aoyagi --- 1’28”
2 TM Nagata ------ 2’10”
3 TM Kita --------- 2’05”
4 TM M. Suzuki ------2’45”
5 TM Takahashi-------1’33”
6 TM Negi ------------1’36”

Prepared Speech Session
1 TM Yamaguchi  Basic Manual #3  “Why English Grammar” --- 8’43”
2 TM Tashiro  Basic Manual #2
    “When the wind is blowing, a cooper will make money”-------- 7’16”
3 TM Sakaki  Basic Manual #2  “Ascorbic acid” -------------------- 6’46”
4 TM R. Aoyagi  Basic Manual #2  “How warm this winter is!” --- 6’40”

Evaluation session
1 TM Hayashi for TM Yamaguchi -----3’11”
2 TM Kaneko for TM Tashiro --------– 2’57”
3 TM Ohno for TM Sakaki ------------ 3’05”
4 TM Matsushima for TM R. Aoyagi ---- 3’20”

Table Topic Session ---- TM Kita
Evaluation Session ------TM Ohno
Speech Session --------- TM Tashiro
Thought for the day    TM Kita
  Recently I have just changed my mobile phone old one to new one. My new
one is already 3 years old and it was formally used by my wife.
I completely approve of Mottainai campaign proposed by Maathai-san.
Then I can not throw away even my old one because many engineers made
efforts for building up these products. Many new technologies are used and
still we can use. 
As a result, my drawer is full of useless gadgets, such as AC power
adapters, probably I will never used them again.
 I hope sometime I will recycle these and my Mottaiani feeling will be
satisfied and my drawer will become empty.

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