Tsukuba Toastmasters Club (5814-76)
Minutes of # 406 Meeting

Date: 15 July 2006, 14:00 ~ 16:30   Venue: Onogawa Public Hall
Attendance: TM Fukumoto, TM Kanako, TM Watanabe, TM Kondo, TMM.Kondo, TM
Matsushima, TM M.Suzuki, TM S.Suzuki, TM Hashida, TM Dennda, TM Nakamura, TM
Takahashi, TM Pang, TM Nagata, TM Hayashi, TM Ohno
Guests: Mr. Hayashi, Mr. Nakamura, Mr. Iwai

Presiding Officer: President TM Kaneko
Thought for the Day: TM Hashida
Toastmaster of the day: TM Watanabe
Timer: TM Fukumoto
Ums & Ahs Counter: TM Hashida
Grammarian: TM Ohno
Vote Counter: TM S.Suzuki

Business Session: TM Kaneko
* About the qualification for joining the Humorous Speech Contest
TM Fukumoto announced that all members could be contestants for the Humorous
Speech Contest although International Speech Contest required that
contestants should finish the sixth program of the basic manual.
* TM Matsushima will help the club with keeping the mailing list and the
  . though Secretary has to keep the roster of the club
* TM Hashida explained the annual program.
* About the amendment of the Bylaw
    We need attendance of more than 21 members for the amendment of the
    as the number of the members is 31 at present.
* TM Kaneko explained the helper system so that absence of some members will
     make any trouble for running the meeting.

Special Feature: TM Kondo, e Appearance and content f

Table Topic Session: TM Denda  gSummer Vacationh
   1. TM Hashida (1f03h)       4. TM Kaneko (1f35h)
   2. TM Ohno (2f13h)         5. TM S. Suzuki (2f23h)
   3. TM Matsushima (1f49h)    6. TM Fukumoto (1f37h)

Prepared Speech Session
1. TM M. Kondo  #1 Ice Breaking Speech (4~6 min.)
gMy  Ambitionh  (6f10h)
2. TM Nakamura  #6 (5~7 min.)
gA small message from VPMh  (5f57h)
3. TM Nagata,  Advanced Manual,  Entertaining Speech #5 (8~10 min.)
gAbout a traffic violationh  (8f40h)
4. TM Takahashi    #5  (5~7 min.)
    g The peoplefs kingh   (6f22h)

Evaluation Session
1. TM M. Suzuki for TM M. Kondofs speech  (2f45h)
2. TM Matsushima for TM Nakamurafs speech (3f10h)
3. TM Kaneko for TM TM Nagatafs speech   (3f02h)
4. TM Pang for TM Takahashifs speech      (3f19h)

Best Table Topic speaker:  TM S. Suzuki
Best Evaluator:  TM M.Suzuki
Best Prepared Speaker:  TM Nakamura

Thought for the Day by TM Hashida

After the World Cup football game season finished with imperfect combustion
by Japanese football fans, the hottest season starts. Tsukuba TM club also
starts new annual program with the hottest passion of each member. As our
new President declared at the installation ceremony, Tsukuba TM club needs
increase of memberships. Not only the President and other EC members, but
each member owes the role. Letfs give our guests and friends of yours a
welcome and motivate them to join our club. Letfs support and motivate some
fresh members. Such daily activities are one of the most important essence
of toastmastering.