Tsukuba Toastmasters Club (5814-76)
Minutes of #437 Meeting
Date: March 1, 2008, 14:00~16:30  Venue: Onogawa Public Hall

Attendee:  TM Ohno, TM Pang, TM Park, TM Kaneko, TM Kondo, TM Watanabe,
                TM Machida, TM Matsushima, TM Tashiro, TM Mizutani, TM
                TM Fukumoto,TM Saita, TM T.Aoyagi , TM R.Aoyagi, TM
                TM Iwai, TM Negi,TM Hashida, TM Nakamura

Guest:TM Ishizuka (Area 22 Governor), Mr. Murata, Ms. Park, Ms.Sudou

Presiding Officer : President TM Hashida
Thought for the Day: TM T.Aoyagi
Chief Judge: TM Negi
Contest  Officials: TM Ohno
Timer: TM Kadono, TM Mizutani
Vote Counter: TM Fukumoto, TM.Saita

 1. TM Takahashi       "How to get along with new technology"
 2. TM Tashiro          "When the wind blows, the cooper will make a profit"
 3. TM Pang             "The position and the result"
 4. TM Hashida         "A nightmare in my business bachelor life"
 5. TM Matsushima     "When I started toastmastering"
 6. TM Watanabe        "Viva Ibaragi"
 7. TM Kondo            "Communication"
 8. TM Machida         "May I have Kingfisher, please"
 9. TM Kaneko          "No more adventure?"
10.TM Park              "Power of Love"

Table topic session: TM Iwai  "Movie"
1. TM R.Aoyagi ............2'28"
2. TM Nakamura..........2'02"
3. TM Park ..................2'28"

Business Session: TM Hashida
* TM Hashida, TM Watanabe and TM T.Aoyagi reported on the EC Training.
* TM Watanabe announced that TM Machida and TM Kondo would have a rehearsal
 for Area Contest in the meeting on March 15.

Award Session:
 In-house Speech Contest :1st prize: TM Machida
                                        2nd prize: TM Kondo
                                        3rd prize: TM Park
Table Topic session: TM Nakamura
Thought for the day                       TM T.Aoyagi
Spring has come.

The atmosphere is mysterious.

On a bright day, my mind will be fine and calm.
I will want to do something fun under the clear sky.
On a cloudy day, my mind might be sad and blue.
I will want to be at home and may want to watch some serious movies.

The atmosphere of meetings of the Toastmasters club is the same, I think.

Today, the in-house speech contest is scheduled.
Today's meeting is a special one.

Fellow members and guests, let's make the atmosphere enjoyable and fruitful
more than usual.

Please make eye-contacts to the speakers.
Please make reactions to the speeches.

I hope the all contestants show their full performances.
I also wish we all can enjoy today's special meeting.