Tsukuba Toastmasters Club (5814-76)
Minutes of #417 Meeting (In-House Speech Contest)
Date: 3 March. 2007, 14:00 ~ 16:30   Venue: Onogawa Public Hall

Attendance: TM Fukumoto, TM Kaneko, TM Watanabe, TM O. Kondo, TM Matsushima,
TM Negi, TM Ohno, TM M. Suzuki, TM S. Suzuki, TM Hashida, TM Denda TM
Nakamura, TM Takahashi, TM Pang, TM Yamaguchi, TM Iwai, TM Tashiro, TM
Sakaki, TM Tamura,

Guests: Ms. Zukhra,

Presiding Officer: TM Kaneko
Thought for the Day: TM Yamaguchi
Toastmaster of the day: TM Negi
Timer: TM Fukumoto, TM Yamaguchi
Ums & Ahs Counter:
Grammarian: TM Pang
Vote Counter: TM M. Suzuki, TM S. Suzuki
General Evaluator: TM Tamura

Business Session: TM Kaneko
* TM Negi announced the following information:
        11 March ----Area 22 Speech Contest
        25 March ----Area 21 speech Contest
        14 April ------Division B Speech Contest
        15 April ------Division A Speech Contest
* TM Negi also told that Area 21 would need Judges for the Contest.
   He encouraged members to contact him if anyone was interested in it.
* TM Watanabe announced that he would run the nomination committee
  for the next term. Some members are already willing to join the executive

Table Topic Session: TM Sakaki  “ Memories of school days ”
1 TM S. Suzuki ------ 2’29”
2 TM Pang ----- ------ 2’30”
3 TM Yamaguchi ----- 2’03”
4 TM M. Suzuki ------1’50”
5 Ms. Zukhura --------2’30”
6 TM Kondo -----------1’54”

Prepared Speech Session
1 TM Hashida   “ Toastmastering Can Kill Seven Birds with One Stone ”
2 TM Iwai    “Fathomless Solitude ”
3 TM Matsushima  “Science for You ”
4 TM Watanabe  “Japanese Captured in Tsukuba and Enslaved in Java,
                Why? And How?”
5 TM Takahashi  “No More Letters form Battlefield”

Evaluation session
1 TM Denda for TM Hashida -------3’50”
2 TM Tashiro for TM Iwai --------– 2’48”
3 TM Nakamura for TM Matsushima ------ 3’05”
4 TM Ohno for TM Watanabe -------- 3’40”
5 TM Kondo for TM Takahashi ------2’59”

Table Topic Session ---- TM Kondo
Evaluation Session ------TM Nakamura
Speech Session --------- 1st Prize TM Matsushima
                         2nd Prize TM Hashida
                         3rd Prize TM Takahashi
Thought for the day    TM Yamaguchi
  Generally, acquiring knowledge is a good thing.  You might say that
knowing something is better than knowing nothing.  Indeed, the Internet
makes it possible that you get access to any knowledge you want.  Yet
knowing something in general takes place with effort.  If you want to know
or understand something, you have to read, ask, study or research.  It takes
effort.  It is even painstaking work.
     On the other hand, knowing is not all about painstaking process.  It is
rather relaxing than working.  It is rather receptive than active.  It is
like seeing a breathtaking landscape.  The landscape presents itself to the
eye.  You don't create its beauty but simply receive it through your eyes.
Likewise, knowing is receptive and thus is effortless.  It is so refreshing
that you feel free.
     Today we have several speeches to come.  Why don't we relax and enjoy
seeing various landscape of those speeches.  We all look forward to their
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