Tsukuba Toastmasters Club (5814-76)
Minutes of #441 Meeting
Date: 17 May 2008, 14:00 ~ 16:30   Venue: Onogawa Public Hall

Attendance: TM Kaneko, TM Watanabe, TM O. Kondo, TM Matsushima, TM Ohno, TM
M. Suzuki, TM Denda TM S. Park, TM H. Park, TM Pang, TM Kita, TM Tashiro, TM
Sakaki, TM Tamura, TM R. Aoyagi, TM T. AoyagiATM Kadono-Okuda, TM Mizutani,
TM Murata,

Guests: Mr. Ito,  Mr. Kobayashi,  Mr. Chandra,  Mr.Yamada

Presiding Officer: TM Watanabe
Thought for the Day: TM Pang
Toastmaster of the day: TM T. Aoyagi
Timer: TM Kondo
Ums & Ahs Counter: TM Mizutani
Grammarian: TM S. Park
Vote Counter: TM Tamura
General Evaluator: TM Kita

Business Session: TM Watanabe
According to the result of the voting to the motion that Tsukuba TMC
should host All Japan Speech Contest in 2009, it was decided that our club
would host All Japan speech Contest.  The number of Pro was 23, that of Con
was 4.
TM Negi is to attend TM meeting in Hiroshima. He will report about it in
the next meeting .

Table Topic Session: TM R. Aoyagi   g Comic book: Doraemon h
1 TM M. Suzuki --- 1f21h
2 TM Kondo ------ 2f13h
3 TM S. Park --------- 2f13h
4 TM Tamura ------1f44h
5 TM Mizutani -------2f11h

Prepared Speech Session
1 TM Sakaki  Basic Manual #3  gFood Culture h --- 6f06h
2 TM H. Park  The Entertaining Speaker #1   g What is reality? h--- 5f22h
3 TM Murata  Basic Manual #2 ----------6f39h
        gBusiness books bring us some interesting findings. h
4 TM Ohno  The Professional Speaker  #3 The Sales Training speech----16f35h
          gWelcome to Tsukuba TM Horse Riding Park!h
5 TM Denda   # 10 g The days spent with bad boys and girls" ---- 9f19h

Evaluation session  --- TM Kita
1 TM Tashiro for TM Sakaki  ---------2f37h
2 TM Kaneko for TM H. Park  -------?3f26h
3 TM Kadono for TM Murata  --------- 3f41h
4 TM Shimada for TM Ohno ---------- -2f53h
5 TM Watanabe for TM Denda ---------3f10h

Table Topic Session ---- TM M. Suzuki
Evaluation Session ------TM Shimada
Speech Session --------- TM Denda
Thought for the day    TM Pang

 Person can not be alive without helpness from other human
beings. When person were born, without care from other
human beings, a child is not likely to survive. When
person join to the society in the world, whithout
friendship from other human beings, a teenage is not
happyness. When earthquake disarster occured, without
rescuing from other human beings, surviors are difficulty
to stand up from the collapsed ruins, Today, as a Chinese,
I want to say, thank you--all Japanese friends.