Tsukuba Toastmasters Club (5814-76)
Minutes of #421 Meeting
Date: 19 May 2007, 14:00 ~ 16:30   Venue: Onogawa Public Hall

Attendance: TM Fukumoto, TM Hayashi, TM Kaneko, TM Matsushima, TM Nagata, TM
Ohno, TM M. Suzuki, TM S. Suzuki, TM Hashida, TM Machida, TM Denda TM
Nakamura, TM Takahashi, TM Park, TM Pang, TM Kita, TM Tashiro, TM Sakaki, TM
Tamura, TM R. Aoyagi, TM T. Aoyagi

Guests: Ms. Zukhra, Ms. Nariai,  Mr. Konn

Presiding Officer: TM Kaneko
Thought for the Day: TM Sakaki
Toastmaster of the day: TM Kita
Timer: TM T. Aoyagi
Ums & Ahs Counter: TM Machida
Grammarian: TM Fukumoto
Vote Counter: TM Denda
General Evaluator: TM Nagata

Business Session: TM Kaneko
*Explanation about the next meeting ‘Show and Tell’. VPE will send
details through e-mail.
* TM Hayashi got the qualification of Leadership Excellence’.
* Information about spring Conference
* TM Negi will work as Division Governor in next term.
* Nomination Report was announced by TM M.Suzuki in place of the Chairman
TM Watanabe. As the attendance made up the quorum, the election was followed
and unanimously accepted.
        President ----- TM R, Hashida
        VPPR --------- TM S. Suzuki
        Secretary -------TM M. Nakamura
         VPE--------------TM M. Watanabe
         SAA-------------TM J. Sakaki
         VPM------------TM T. Aoyagi
         Treasurer--------TM K. Denda

Special Feature 1: TM Ohno -------- ‘Nature around my house’
Special Feature 2: TM Takahashi---- ‘Evaluate to motivate’

Table Topic Session: TM M. Suzuki  “What were you doing 10 years ago? ”
1 TM Nakamura ----- 1’21”
2 TM Nagata---- ------2’19”
3 TM Tamura-- -------2’05”
4 TM Sakaki---- ------1’54”
5 TM T. Aoyagi--------1’32”
6 TM Machida---- -----2’33”
7 TM Tashiro-- --------1’31”

Prepared Speech Session
1 TM Tashiro  Basic Manual #3   “Bacteria also communicate! ” ---- 5’27”
2 TM Pang  Basic Manual #4     “How to translate Chinese names?”----- 6’
3 TM R. Aoyagi  Basic Manual #2   “Lovable Creature”----- ----- 5’51”
4 TM Park   Basic Manual #10    “A small awakening” ----- 8’22”

Evaluation session
1 TM Kaneko for TM Tashiro -------------2’41”
2 TM Nakamura for TM Pang -----------–2’57”
3 TM Matsushima for TMR. Aoyagi --------3’14”
4 TM Tamura for TM Park----------------- 3’29”

Table Topic Session ---- TM Machida
Evaluation Session ------TM Tamura
Speech Session --------- TM Pang
Thought for the day    TM Sakaki

Thought for the day    TM Sakaki
> The world surrounding us has definitely been changing in an amazing manner.
> For instance, global warming, a world-widely addressed issue, brings us
> unexpectedly abnormal weather in these days, which we can not help realizing
> the issue closer to us.
> Such the changes can not be limited to nature. Human world nowadays involves
> incredible incidents. It was on April 16 on the Virginia Tech campus in the
> US. Cho, a Korean immigrant killed 32 people and wounded many more before
> committing suicide, making it the deadliest shooting in modern US history.
> Most of you clearly remember the incident.
> In Japan, a 17-year-old teenager was arrested on suspicion of killing and
> beheading his mother in Fukushima prefecture. The teen showed up at a local
> police station with the dismembered head of his mother and said that he
> killed his mother and beheaded during the night while she slept
> What kind of world are we living?
> I found in the latest TM magazine that there exist Speechcraft programs to
> inmates in the Livingston Country Jail supported by the Wine Country TMs in
> nearby Bath, NY. Terry Bilancio, DTM supporting the programs commented that
> "Some of the inmates taking the programs, had obviously not had the
> experience of speaking in front of groups and start to experience the
> positive benefits of getting up in front of people and speaking, and the
> self-esteem that comes by being successful when communicating in a group".
> I think this is something.

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