Tsukuba Toastmasters Club (5814-76)
Minutes of # 410 Meeting

Date: 4 Nov. 2006, 14:00 ~ 16:30   Venue: Onogawa Public Hall

Attendance: TM Matsushima, TM S.Suzuki, TM Hashida, TM Park, TM Nakamura, TM
Takahashi, TM Kita, TM Nagata, TM Terao, TM Negi, TM Hayashi, TM Konndo  TM
Iwai, TMM.Suzuki, TM Watanabe, TM Tashiro, TM Ohkura, TM Ohno

Guests: Mr. Sakaki

Presiding Officer: TM Hashida
Thought for the Day: TM Terao
Toastmaster of the day: TM Matsushima
Timer: TM Kondo
Ums & Ahs Counter: TM Tashiro
Grammarian: TMWatanabe
Vote Counter: TM Nagata

Business Session: TM Hashida
l Induction Ceremony for Mr. Ohkura was conducted after unanimous approval
by the attendance to the application submitted by Mr. Ohkura. TM Hashida was
assigned as his mentor.
l Year End Party at ITARIA-DAIDOKORO on 16 Dec, 17:30~ Fee: 3,000 was
announced by TM Nagata.
l TM Park reported that she and TM Denda attended Division B Humorous Speech
Contest as judges on the 22nd of Oct.
l TM Negi reported that he attended Div. A Humorous Speech Contest as a
judge on the 22nd of Oct.
l TM Matsushima introduced that District Conference would be held on the
11th and the 12th of Nov. TM Takahashi will attend it on the 11th .  The
Party of Tenth anniversary of ICF Chiba will be held together.
l TM Nagata asked members to contact him through e-mail when a projector is
necessary as he is in charge of the preparation of a projector

Special Feature: TM Park

Table Topic Session: TM Takahashi  gMemorable foodh
   1. TM S.Suzuki    2f12h
   2. TM Nagata      2f14h
   3. TM Ohno       2f34h
   4. TM Watanabe    2f37h
   5. TM Kondo      1f23h

Prepared Speech Session
1. TM Hashida  #8 gAdventure of three princesh  (7f53h)
2. TM Hayashi  gCosting Unthinkable Nuclear Assulth  (12f35h)
3. TM Iwai     #6 gTwo lessons from an Accident:
          the Law of Hiyari Hatto and the Crisis communicationsh  (7f28h)
4. TM Kita  Speeking to Inform #2 gLearn for Life ? University extensionh

Evaluation Session
General Evaluator: TM Negi
1. TM Nakamura for TM Hashidafs speech  (3f22h)
2. TM M.Suzuki for TM Hayashifs speech  (3f38h)
3. TM S. Suzuki for TM Iwaifs speech     (1f38h)
4. TM Ohno for TM Kitafs speech        (3f07h)

Best Table Topic speaker:  TM Nagata
Best Evaluator:  TM Nakamura
Best Prepared Speaker:  TM Iwai

Thought for the Day by TM Terao

The autumn has been in its height.@Just hearing autumn what do you think
Yesterday was a Culture holiday.
I suppose you are more interested in cultural subjects or athletic
The other day I went to the National Scientific Museum at Ueno to appreciate
gThe Mummy and Ancient Egypt Exhibitg @.It was amazing and mysterious to
watch gthe mummyh analyzed by CT scan with 3D glasses. @The fusion of
archaeology and high technology could make everything clear without
unwrapping bandage.
Lots of people also had been in long line waiting to get into the gDali
exhibith in the rainy day.
The culture is not much about the daily needs but more in a spiritual or
cultural sphere.. I think we need to learn that not just language but the
intercultural communication is also important in the international

Anyway there is a clear autumn sky but the days have been getting shorter
and shorter and chilly too.  Something feels lonely at evening twilight in
autumn. Why is it so?
 I ask myself what kind of loneliness I feel.  I just donft know how to
express it.
 It may be a sense of insecurity as if I were left alone .
But when I felt down, looking up at the moon or stars at long autumn night
usually makes me cheer up.
The best part of life is yet to come. Donft stop trying.