Tsukuba Toastmasters Club (5814-76)
Minutes of In-house Evaluation Contest
Date: Oct.6, 2007, 14:00~16:50     Venue: Onogawa Public Hall

Attendance:  TM Watanabe, TM Mizutani, TM Kaneko, TM  Kadono,
                  TM Park, TM Kondo, TM Ohno, TM Kita, TM Pang,
                  TM Fukumoto, TM Machida, TM Denda, TM M.Suzuki,
                  TM R.Aoyagi, TM T.Aoyagi, TM Tamura, TM Mori, TM Negi,
                  TM Sakaki, TM Takahashi, TM Hashida, TM Nakamura

Guests:        Ms. Tajiri, Ms. Shimada

President Officer:                           TM Hashida
Thought for the Day:                       TM Tamura
Toastmaster of the Day:                  TM Watanabe
Timer:                                          TM Machida
Ums&Ahs Counter:                         TM Ohno
Grammarian:                                 TM Negi
Vote Counter:                               TM R.Aoyagi
Contest S.A.A.&General Evaluator    TM Kaneko

Business Session : TM Hashida
    1. About the improvement of club rules
       President Hashida gave an explanation about the improvement
      of the club rules. Although the problem was discussed by members,
      it was not reached to a division. Therefore, it will be discussed
      again by EC.

    2. TM Negi announced that he was recruiting the supporters for
      Tsukuba Wago Toastmasters Club. He requested members to remain in
      the room after the regular meeting and attend the Wago club on Nov.3.

     3. Secretary, TM Nakamura gave out the membership roster.
      The members who found the errors on it offered a correction.
      The correction is blow.
            TM Hayashi        ATMG   DTM
            TM Kondo          + ATMS
            TM Ohno           CTM  ATMB
            TM Park            + CC
            TM Kita             kita7268@mail.accesnet.ne.jp
            TM Mori            114-0002
                                    6-6-6-119 6-6-1-119
            TM Kadono         Kadono Kadono- Okuda
            Official Web Site  Papanese Japanese

Test Speech
    1. TM Fukumoto   "They look similar, but, project #9 C.C.M"

    2. TM Kita          "Downward Syndrome"          ............6'56"

Evaluation Session
    1. TM Park for TM Fukumoto................3'06"
    2. TM Denda for TM Kita     .................3'28"
    3. TM Kondo for TM Fukumoto............3'13"
    4. TM Mizutani for TM Kita  ..................2'49"
    5. TM T.Aoyagi for TM Fukumoto.......3'29"
    6. TM Sakaki for TM Kita     ................3'03"
    7. TM Mori for TM Fukumoto ..............3'06"
    8. TM Kadono for TM Kita   .................2'47"

    1st prize      TM Kondo
    2nd prize      TM Sakaki
    3rd prize      TM Denda
Thought for the Day     TM Tamura
 An extremely hot summer was passed, it has become cooler these days in the
last week or so.  And my cat, a female cat, her name is "Reiko", starts
joining me for sleep under a comfortable wool blanket.  This is how I feel
every year that autumn has come again.

 Autumn is the best season for Matukate lovers or people who likes to eat.
Autumn is also the best season for people who like to read.  Autumn is the
best season for motorcycle riders like me to enjoy winding roads feeling
fresh air under autumnal leaves.  Andc. autumn is the best season to learn

 Today, one sunny day in a weekend of autumn, we get together and share a
special dayc.the Evaluation Contest.  I expect all the attendees and
welcome guests to enjoy this afternoon and active participation to make the
day even more fruitful and enjoyable.