Tsukuba Toastmasters Club Policy 2008-2009


Slogan is "R.Y.F.M." (Read Your Fine Manual).

Toastmasters club is not an English class.
Toastmasters club is different from chattering club.
The difference is that we have fine manuals.
Toastmasters club is an educational voluntary nonprofit organization.
We will try to follow our fine manuals based on TM International policy.
For example, "Special Feature" is not exist in TMI manuals.
It should be abolished.
Listed roles in the manual are "Word of the Day" and "Joke Master".
Lectures using TMI materials are also recommended.
Beginners should finish the Basic Manuals as early as possible.
For that purpose, Individual Evaluators should be assigned for the members who finished at least three project speeches.
TOD, TT Master, GE should be assigned for the members who finished at least six project speeches.
The Basic Manual (the Competent Communication manual) includes essential techniques for toastmastering. I hope new members get these basic skills soon.
Competent members are recommended to try various programs provided by TMI, for example, The Successful Club Series, The Leadership Excellence Series, The Better Speaker Series, etc..
The Competent Leadership manual is also important. I will take time to check the Leadership manual in each meeting.

President 2008-2009: I. Matsushima