OPRATION EGZA ver1.03 manual

Start method
Please run "OPERATION_EGZA_ver103.exe".

Operation method
You can operate even joy-stick.
The allocation of the button is modifiable with the other file (later description).

Cursor control key (stick, cross key)
- Move fighter, choice of the item
Z key (button 0)
- Shot (automatic fire), decision of the choice item
X key (button 1)
- Special weapon, cancellation of the choice item
F key (button 7)
- Pause (while you playing. as for the cancellation a shot button)
ESC key
- Forced game over (during the play and replay reproduction), end

Story (No problem to play game even if you do not know this!)
The far-off future when the human lives persistently.
The corridor between the planet brought a big benefit for the human material interchange between the star after longtime space development.
However, it was the thing which facilitated the attack of the enemy to the next planet when one planet was invaded.
The corridor maintained as a transportation facility did not have the armament that could be opposed to an enemy. and, for the enemy attacked in the corridor, the interception with the small weapon which had offensive ability and mobility was required.
That the proof experiment of the microminiature directivity high output energy discharger "EGZANON UNIT" which a certain country developed behind closed doors came in form the actual fighting.

About player registration

You need to register the name of the player at the time of the first start, for network ranking registration of the high score.
The name that you registered is displayed upper-left on the title screen.
The registration screen is not displayed for start next time if you once register.

About game progress

Title screen

"START": start a game.
"REPLAY": watch your replay data.
"END": finish a game.

Game mode select

It is a mode competing for score in two minutes. There is no limits of mistake.
It is a mode competing for score in five minutes.
It is the mode which is time unlimited and competes for score. Game is over by 1 mistake.

Flow of the play

You operate your fighter, and destroy the enemies by using shot and special weapon.
The phase go next if you destroy a certain number of the enemies or passes a certain period of time.

In the phase that boss appearing, you advance for the next phase by destroying it.

The shot (orange) of the front direction can destroy the bullets of the enemy.
In addition, the shot of the orange has a little high offensive ability than a light blue shot.

The special weapon gauge increases by destroying enemies or enemy bullets ,or acquiring an item,or firing shot into enemies.
You can fire special weapon by using weapon gauge.
It give the damage on enemies in the range, and destroys enemy bullets, and player's fighter becomes invincible during motion.

Special weapon are the following two kinds. To be fired according to quantity of weapon gauge.

You can use this when the weapon gauge is more than half (yellow).
Energy blade turns at high speed on a player.
The length of motion time is depend on the quantity of weapon gauge.

You can use this when the weapon gauge is full (light blue).
The co-fighters appear in left and right side of the player, and releases an energy beam forward.
It has a high offensive ability than EGZANON BLADE.

A star-shaped score item appears when you destroy enemy or enemy bullet.
If the item exists within the certain range from the player, you can collect that item automatically.
The range to collect item automatically becomes wide when the player go to the upper part of the screen.

You lose your fighter when you hit an enemy or an enemy bullet.
The game is over when a time limit passes or your fighter stock is empty.

Data such as the number of the enemy shooting down or the number of the item acquisition are displayed in the game end.

About score and a rank

About score
You can get score more if you destroy the enemy quickly.
A score of enemy is more high in order of blue,green,red,purple.
You can get score more if you take the item quickly.
You can get score more if you shoot the enemy in short range.

About a rank
The rank in the game rises depending on the behavior of the player little by little.
The factors of the rank up are,
- destroying an enemy
- hitting a shot into an enemy
- destroying an enemy bullet
- taking an item
- continue living without being broken.
- being located player on upper of the screen.

When the internal rank rises,
- The numbers of the enemy is increasing.
- The appearance period of the enemy is shortening.
- The progress of the enemy appearance table is being faster.
- The speed of the enemy bullets is rising.

The rank is going down when a player fighter broken. (there is not factor that a rank falls to other than this).

About high score and replay data
Playing records and high score are stored as replay data if you update high score. (except the interruption by ESC)
The replay data are saved in "user" folder according to a each game mode. (there is no overwrite confirmation at the time of the high score update.)
You can watch the stored replay from "REPLAY" menu of the title screen.
In addition, you can enroll in a network ranking when you updated high score if a network is online.
The network ranking is stored to the higher 50th place every each game mode.
You can read the ranking from a Web browser.

About a transfer, the deletion of user data
If you want to take over the user name, the high score and the playing data from older version,please copy the contents of the "user" folder.
When you want to change a user name, please delete "userdata.dat" in "user" folder. A name registration screen is displayed at the time of start again on the next time.
(high score, the replay data are not deleted even if you delete "userdata.dat")

About environmental setting

The allocation of screen size and the button in the window mode is possible in bundled "OPERATION_EGZA_setting.exe".
You cannot assign plural functions to the same button, please be careful.
Items on the lower half (the threshold of the joy-stick, use of the hat switch, wait in the full screen) do not usually need the change.

In development of this software, I used the following software.
- HSP 3.5beta4 (the script language that a game can make easily)
- MagicaVoxel (the 3D modeling tool of the voxel form)
- "Font Library" (collection of free fonts for STUDIO DRUNGY product MSX)

I used material from following sites in the Internet.
- PANICPUMPKIN (BGM, sound effects data)
- Kurage-Kosho (sound effects data)
- Gebsite (I used "Gebarider" for the font of the title letter)

About author
TwitterID @shooterzap

Update history
2016/10/30 (Ver1.00)
First release.

2016/11/3 (Ver1.01)
Nominated some indication priorities of the effect (particle) when player gave an enemy damage.
For the visibility up of the enemy bullet, I change the following point.
- darkened some backgrounds.
- lighted some graphic of the purple enemy bullet.
- The partial change of the color of the bullet which a middle boss and the boss shoot.(only with a color, an attack pattern is not changed.)

2016/11/8 (Ver1.02)
Improve the interface (mainly the behavior of the cursor) of the registration screen of the player name.

2017/5/5 (Ver1.03)
To improve the visibility of the character, change the following points.
- made the background a little dark.
- slowed down the maximum speed of background scrolling.
Change BGM data from wav format to ogg format (sampling rate is raised).
Partial change of characters that can be used for registering player names.