Spring Conference 2009

Invitatin letter (English, Japanese)
Registration form (PDF, Microsoft)
Ask Officers for the password.

Tentative Program (As of 2009.2.18)

Contest Judge Training Workshop explanation by DTM Takimoto

Contests for our club

Area 22 contest / March 28 in Urawa Registration form
Division B and Area 23 contest / April 26 in Tokyo Ikebukuro
District 76 / May 31 in Tsukuba

Contests for other clubs

Division A Contest in Hachioji Gakuen Toshi Center on Apr.12

Di‚–A“ú–{ŒêƒXƒs[ƒ`ƒRƒ“ƒeƒXƒg2009”N4ŒŽ19“úi“új@14:30`16:00 + §e‰ïˆù‚Ý•ú‘è@a’J‹æ‹Î˜J•ŸŽƒ‰ïŠÙa’J‰w“k•à7•ª [ƒzƒXƒg] ]ŒËTMC

Area11 and 13 contest at HOKUTOPIA near to Oji station on Mar.29.

Division C International Speech Contest and 15th Anniversary Party / April 12 at Fujisawa Industrial Center by Shonan TMC

Area 43 Speech Contest on March 21at ’†‰Ø‰ïŠÙ@“ŒˆŸƒz[ƒ‹iƒgƒAƒ[ƒhj in kobe by East Kobe TMC